I am Liana Salas. I'm a life coach, health coach, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and I'm a DREAMcatcher! 

I was overweight as a teenager and into early adulthood. I always thought when I lost weight I would be happy. I lost over 80 pounds and still wasn't happy. My greatest transformation was learning to love myself and create happiness from within.

I used to hate my body and only focused on what it looked like. Today I love and appreciate my body for it what it allows me to do; live my dreams! I used to count calories and only did cardio. Today I focus on the content of my food, I eat to nourish my body, and I weight train, hike, practice yoga and PiYo... I've completely transformed every area of my life.

I take responsibility for my happiness and my health. It didn't happen overnight. It's been a journey with many challenges, even today, but I keep moving forward. Today I love myself and I love life! I see possibility everywhere! I keep learning and challenging myself in new ways.  My mission is to help others catch their dreams too!


I am here to serve. I am here to inspire.
I am here to love. I am here to live my truth
— Deepak Chopra

Official Bio

Official Bio

Liana Salas is an life coach, certified health coach & personal trainer, and author. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Arizona State University and a Certificate in Nutrition for Fitness and Wellness. She also has additional education in positive psychology, education, personal development and spiritual studies. She is co-author of the book 'Living Your Purpose with Sunny Dawn Johnston & Friends', released Fall 2013. 

Liana has an inspirational life story, including a 90 pound weight loss. Her physical transformation started her own emotional and spiritual transformation. She combines her personal experiences with her diverse education, to help others create amazing transformations in their own lives.

Liana lives in Glendale, Arizona. She enjoys hiking, yoga, traveling, and adventure activities that take to the sky!

Education & Credentials

Education & Credentials

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Arizona State University

Certificate in Life Coaching - Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Certificate in Nutrition for Fitness & Wellness - Glendale Community College


Certified Health Coach - American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Certified Personal Trainer - American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Certified GROUP FITNESS - American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Certified PiYo Live Instructor - Beachbody


Positive Psychology coursework - VIA Institute and the University of Pennsylvania

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

  • I love hiking, PiYo, yoga, weight training, traveling, drawing, trying new healthy vegetarian recipes and spending time with friends and family

  • I eat a primarily whole food, plant based diet & I also like an occasional glass of red wine and french fries.

  • PiYo is my soulmate workout! Within days after trying the DVD's I looked up how to get certified to teach!

  • I spend a lot of my life in the sky - for work, for fun & adventure!

  • I have been skydiving, parasailing, power paragliding, zip-lining and taken rides in an aerobatic plane, helicopter and hot air balloon!

  • I love pandas - the top thing on my bucket list is to hold one in China

  • I've been to 42 states - and counting!

  • I am a voluntary participant in the National Weight Control Registry which is the largest study of people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off.