One day I saw a tank top online that said dream chaser. I almost bought it. Then I thought, but I'm not a dream chaser, I'm a dream catcher... I could feel it in my heart. I'm a DREAMcatcher! My mantra. My power phrase. 

Next came... Dreamcatcher Coaching, because that's what I do in coaching sessions. Help people achieve their dreams... Then one day while I was brainstorming quotes about dreaming, the words just flowed... I don't think I can, I know I can. I will... 

This is my "DREAMcatcher Manifesto". I hope it empowers you to catch your dreams!


Dreamcatcher Manifesto

I dream in my sleep. I dream bigger when I'm awake.
This is my life. My body. My journey. My dream.
I decide. I create my happiness. It all depends on me.
I am worthy. I am more than enough.
I believe in my dreams. I believe in myself.
I keep looking forward, and moving forward.
Everything is possible.
I don't think I can. I know I can. I will.
I'm a DREAMcatcher.