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Yoga Core & Ab Exercises | Down dog variations

Yoga provides total body, flexibility, balance, and strength. With added variations you can add even more challenge and increase strength.

These 5 exercises are variations to Down Dog. For Down Dog, your hands remain flat on the floor. Feel as though you are pushing the floor away from you. Keep you abdominal muscles engaged. Spread your shoulders. Work towards straightening your knees and touching your heals to the ground. 

You can add these moves to your flow or do them on there own. You can complete for reps of each exercise and then repeat on the other side. Repeat the circuit 4 times each side.

All you need is a yoga mat. Click HERE to see some of my favorite mats.


Down Dog Ab & Core Moves

1. Single leg down dog to plank ankle connect

2. Single leg down dog, knee to elbow

2. Single leg down dog, knee to elbow kick

4. Plank to down dog, opposite ankle tap

5. Side plank to down dog pike



It is possible to get strength & flexibility in one workout!

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