Happiness, health, motivation, mindset, goal setting... coaching to catch your dreams!


Are you ready for inspiration, empowerment & a plan?


coaching helps you gain clarity and find your own answers with-in. Our sessions can take you from where you are now and help you get to where you want to go in the future. I will provide support, encouragement, and accountability. Our coaching sessions will be insightful, motivating and fun! Giving you empowerment and a plan to take action and achieve your dreams!


I can help you:

  • Define you dreams and create a plan to achieve them

  • Live your purpose

  • Re-frame though patterns

  • Gain new perspectives

  • Create awareness and solutions for moving beyond fear

  • Increase self-love and body appreciation

  • Provide strategies to modify the way you eat, incorporate physical activity in your routine, and create a healthy lifestyle

  • Create a mindset to manifest your dreams


If you have an open mind & heart, are willing to explore new possibilities and ready to do the work,
you can achieve your dreams!



Coaching calls are 45 minutes via phone or Skype.

Calls include follow-up email check-in




Custom coaching packages can include a combination of calls (via phone or Zoom) plus online check-ins for additional feedback, support and accountability and/or nutirition and fitness coaching



Email me at Liana@LianaSalas.com to get started