Just do it! This phrase is most famous for being a Nike slogan. Of course they would use it because it is a powerful statement and a more powerful action.

Dream big. Believe it. Visualize it. Feel what it is going to be like when you achieve your dream… these are all things we are encouraged to do. I regularly encourage clients and students to this. Its true, many of us don’t dream big enough. We limit ourselves and what we think is possible. While we there are infinite possibilities and we can should believe in them all, we also have to take action.

Dream big and then… just do it!

Often we dream of one day pursuing our dream. Instead of some day, one day, when I… just do it!

Take the first step. If you don’t know what to do, Google it! Search for…’ what is first step too...’, or ‘how do I start…’ , ‘who should I contact in order to…’, ‘where can I find more information on…’. Watch a YouTube video. Read a book or blog. Hire a coach. Just do it!

There is someone out there that has achieved what you dream. Learn from them and be guided on your next steps. Just do it! If by chance what you dream has never been done before, then whatever you step you take is the perfect first step! Just do it!

Here is a link to a speech by Art Williams that I love! I’ve listened to it many times and it always makes me laugh and motivates me!

Karen Drucker (one of my favorite artists) has a song called Just Do It!  Listen to it and then do it!

Just do it! Catch your dreams!