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Whose story am I telling?

Recently I was reading the book “Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction”. It is by the creators of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Each chapter starts with a story about someone who has a manifesting success story or transformative life experience, told in their own words.

The story at the beginning for chapter 4 is titled ‘Goofing Off to Get Ahead”. It starts like this… “Four months into a new job as a 401(k) sales rep for a large national bank, management announced that if we didn’t turn things around soon, all of us would be out of jobs”. As soon as I read that one sentence I thought to myself, ‘that’s Jeannette!’ I immediately flipped to the end of the story to confirm what I already new; the story was written by Jeannette Maw. I have read Jeannette’s Good Vibe blog for years. I am a member of her Good Vibe University and part of her Coaches League. She recently started a podcast and I am a devoted listener. She is one of my favorite law of attraction teachers.

Jeannette has written about this story on her blog, in some of her e-books and I am pretty sure she has told it at least once on her podcast. Even though I have only heard it a few times I can tell you the story. The short version is management told them they would be out of jobs. She decided to try pray rain journaling. She gets the tiniest notebook she can find. She writes a page about how prospective clients find her and how her product is exactly what they need. The she leaves the office to have lunch, something she hasn't done in months. She sits of the patio of a great restaurant and enjoys herself. When she goes back to the office a man on the elevator introduces himself and it turns out he has been looking to implement a 401k plan for his employees.

It is one of those stories that reminds me of how fast the universe can work and how everything is possible. The story raises my vibration and I feel like I can manifest anything! It makes me so happy that it feels like it is my story, even though its not!

This bring up the question, ‘whose story am I telling?’ I can tell that story like it's my own, even though it never happened to me personally. I can feel the energy and power of the story. I am sure if I were to tell it to someone in person I would radiate the same enthusiastic energy.

All day, every day, every thought we think is telling a story. Either we are telling ourselves a story of something that has happened in the past or of something that we think is going to happen in the future.

When you tell a story about something from your past, are you telling the story of someone who was a victim? Are you telling the story of someone who learned a valuable lesson? Are you telling the story of someone who had transformative life experience? Are you telling the story of someone not only survived, but thrived?

This can be even more powerful when it comes to your story about something you’re manifesting in the future. Are you telling the story of someone who hopes that it will manifest? Are you telling the story of someone that wants it to manifest in a very specific way? Are you telling the story of someone who trusts the universe and knows that success is inevitable? Are you telling the story of someone who is already living the full manifestation of their dreams?

Sometimes the story we are telling ourselves might not even be our own. Weather it is something that happened in the past, something we believe about ourselves, or something that we think is possible in the future, the version we are telling might be based on other people's opinions or ideas. We have just heard it so many times that we have made it part of our story.

Whose story am I telling? Ask yourself this question, then decide if you want to tell a new story!


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